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The Traction Engine Lamp Company

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Kinson Standard



Polished brass lamps, hand made by a highly skilled craftsman with superb attention to detail in the production of this quality item.

These charming round miniature lamps are ideal for the smaller 3" and 4" engines.

They come complete with glass bulls eye lenses an LED lamp.

Rear lamp has a red bulls eye and two clear side windows.


£344.30 per pair

£189.20 for rear lamp

£515.90 for set ( 2 X front, 1 X rear)

Dimensions (mm)

Please check lamp dimensions to ensure that they are a suitable size for your engine.

Height Overall
125 mm
Height to Head of Lamp
105 mm
Height to Top of Body
70 mm
Bezel Diameter
60 mm
Body Dimensions
54 mm



54 mm body diameter
125 mm to top of handle
105 mm to head of lamp
70 mm to top of body
45mm Glass bulls eye lens in a 60mm dia. bezel..

Made from 0.7mm brass sheet.

Opening top for insertion of LED.

Mounting bracket to take 18mm x 3mm mount.

Can accommodate LED.

Available in Brass polished or black finish with brass polished bezel.